Valentine’s Day: How to Make Chocolate Truffles – By Whats Cooking Lari

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Best thing for your Valentine’s day! How to make heart shaped chocolate truffles? Smooth, decadent chocolate truffles that taste just as good or better as the kind you buy. Almond strawberry truffle filling takes it to another level! These truffles are customizable, so you can add whatever you’d like to truly make them one of a kind. Just follow this video tutorial how to make chocolate hearts with melted chocolate and you’ll see how easy it is. Everyone loves valentine heart candy! Those easy chocolate truffles will be a star at your romantic dinner. Chocolate truffle hearts – from my heart to yours!
Nothing but the best for your valentine!

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• 3 cups chopped milk chocolate
• 1 cup strawberry jam
• 1 cup chopped roasted almonds
• Edible silver balls

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How to Make Chocolate Truffles By Whats Cooking Lari

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