New Chocolate Truffle Hershey Kisses for Valentine’s Day 2015: Mini Bite Candy Review

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New Chocolate Truffle Hershey Kisses for Valentine’s Day 2015 candy review! These Hershey Kisses are a new Valentine’s Day release in Chocolate Truffle flavor! Video features opening bag of Chocolate Truffle Hershey Kisses as well as opening individual Hershey Kisses with candy review. Part of the Mini Bite series on the Ms. Candy Blog channel.

So you’re in the know, click the subscribe button now. We’re going to look at Chocolate Truffle Hershey Kisses, a Valentine’s Day release. It comes in a turquoise bag with pink hearts and the candy wrappers look brown with some pink on them so I’m interested to see if that’s what they look like when I open up the bag. On the back is a recipe of what you can do with the Chocolate Truffle Hershey Kisses and make Chocolate Truffle Blossom Herhsey Kisses cookies.

So I can smell the Chocolate Truffle Hershey Kisses through the bag and I’m wonder since it’s a chocolate truffle, if the chocolate is a thicker, creamier, heavier chocolate and chocolate consistency. The wrapper reminds me of the cast of the Jersey Shore because of the wacky zebra print–something Snooki would wear. The Hershey Kiss plume says “Chocolate Truffle” and it’s a nice, darker in hue chocolate, smells heavier than a regular Hershey Kiss.

The Chocolate Truffle Hershey Kiss is soft, rich, heavy and creamy with a chocolate ganache inside. I don’t know how many of these one person would be able to eat because they are very rich and decadent.

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