Chocolate Truffles Recipe – Cardamom, Mint & Orange flavours!

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Three amazing kind of Chocolate Truffles recipe: Cardamom, Mint & Orange flavours! Delicious treats that melt in your mouth!

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For the Infusions:
3-4 crushed cardamom pods
8-12 chopped mint leaves
orange zest of half orange

Ganache Recipe:
– 150ml double cream
– 170g dark/bittersweet chocolate
– 25g unsalted butter
– flavours of your choice (cardamom, mint, orange/lemon zest, ginger, dried lavander, cinnamon, vanilla…)

*Note: Certain combinations require reducing the amount of cream. If you choose milk or dark chocolate AND a liqueur (or in our case the orange juice) use:
– 130ml double cream
– 20ml orange juice or liqueur of your choice

#1: For a stronger taste, leave the infusion stays for longer than 1 hour.
#2: Do not boil the cream. When adding the cream to the chocolate let it rest for one minute and then start whisking all together so that the chocolate melts easier.
#3: Line some parchment baking paper on the plastic boxes. This will make it easier to remove the ganache later on. You can also write on it what kind of ganache is (if you make more than one at the time).
#4: Make sure to dry the knife properly before using it.
#5: Use a knife to better shape the coated truffles once the tempered chocolate starts to get thick.
#6: If pouring the tempered chocolate on the truffles shake the tray so that the excess chocolate goes away.

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